Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Tone + Volume Stack (tone and volume control circuit)

This is the tone and volume stack that can be used in many types of guitar effect pedals and other, similar gear. It's - in some way - based on the Big Muff tone control and „Stupidly Wonderful Tone Control” from (very useful website for guitar DIY fanciers).

It has got two „tone lines”. The „Tone 1” line has got the variable low pass filter and the volume control. The „Tone 0” has got just the volume control, with no tone filters. It is the clean line.
By the „Tone 1” potentiometer you can control how much of treble will pass this stage. By two volume potentiometers you can control how much of the signal you will allow – how much from the „Tone 0”, and how much from the „Tone 1”. This way of wiring will give you some precise control over your stomp-box or other construction.

The „Tone 1” line will add some resistance to the circuit, which by connection with the volume pot will decrease volume of the signal a little bit. To have better balance between volume controls of two lines of this circuit, the 5k resistor is on the „Tone 0” line.

Parts values aren't critical - so you can experiment with them with no big risk.