Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double-Edged Guitar wiring - Killswitches

Today, I would like to present my guitar wiring design (diagram) with two kill-switches. It's inspired on famous Buckethead's and Tom Morello's guitars. The difference between their wirings and mine is in options of „killing the signal”. Guitars of these gentlemen have only one killswitch, which is just cutting-off the guitar signal by pushing a button. My wiring has got two buttons (switches). First will cut-off the signal like a typical killswitch, second will muffle the signal in one moment – but only to some degree. 

As you can see, there is a typical 'volume + tone' control circuit, like in many guitars. The signal is going from pickups, by their selector to volume and tone potentiometers. After this stage, it is passing our famous kill switches. First Killswitch is just typical „signal killer” - it can cut out 100% of the sound. Second one has got connected one 25k5 (25,5k Ohm) resistor. This switch+resistor circuit will allow you to make the sound much quieter and a little bit warmer in the very quick way. The effect will be similar – to some degree – to old-school tremolo pedals.

This is how Buckethead is using his suff (the killswitch is taking part after the second min.):

uploaded by Timmmmay86