Friday, October 22, 2010

3 Legendary and Easy to Build Guitar Pedals

If you want to build at home some guitar effect and you don't have enough time or skills for complicated constructions, but you want to make something with an awesome tone, this is the way to go:
  • Dallas Fuzz Face 
  • Dallas Rangemaster – treble booster
  • MXR Distortion + 

Great, legendary tones from simple circuits - this is how I can describe this stomp-boxes in one sentence.
They are historical symbols in the music industry. They are also very popular in the guitar DIY world. Schematics, diagrams and other instructions of them are easy to find in The WWW.
You can build one of these circuits on a typical multipurpose PCB. If some parts will be hard to find (germanium transistors), you can search in guitar DIY related forums and similar pages for their modern equivalents (unfortunately, a little different "sounding"). If you don't want to spend too much money and don't really need heavy-duty stomp-box - you can use some aluminium tea tin box for pedal casing.

Lets remind how these pedals was ruling by years:

Some sites with information about building these guitar effects:
This site has got good FAQ about stomp-boxes DIY: