Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simple Wiring in the Music Man Axis Style

Sometimes simple is best. This is what you can think when you're looking on the Music Man Axis or some Charvel guitars. The MM Axis is a two pickup guitar with a simple, 3-way toggle pickup switch and one pot – volume. This is completely enough if you want to get just clear, distinct signal – especially if your guitar is made from some high-grade wood and got some nice pickups.

This is the wiring diagram for that kind of axe:


I used DiMarzio's pickup wire color code (like in the Axis).
There is a SPDT (3-pin) 3-way toggle pickup selector.


What this simple wiring means for your guitar tone? In comparison with some typical two or three-pot configurations, this one will cut off much less treble from the signal. It means a distinct, quite bright tone.

It's great for screaming solos and crispy rhythm riffs. Eddie Van Helen and George Lynch really like this configuration of guitar electronics control.

I also recommend it for those of you who don't use the tone pot a lot. Maybe with this simple, single-pot wiring you will get more nice things from your guitar's wood and pickups.