Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adjustable Treble Bleed Mod

Today's post is about how to make an easily adjustable guitar treble bleed mod. It's based on some kind of a small extension of the well known wiring trick. It can give you good control over the guitar volume and treble relation.


The treble bleed mod is a popular way to fight with an unwanted lack of treble in the guitar signal. Unfortunately, it's not perfect and hard to tune well. You need to test many parts before you get what you really want. This is why I started to think, why don't make a little bit adjustable treble bleed prevention circuit - something like the tone control.

How it works?

It is the TBM based on the capacitor and resistor in series. As a resistor, we have the potentiometer here. It means that we have the treble bleed mod with the variable resistor. It will be regulating how much signal the cap will get.

I didn't put any values on the diagram, because it really depends on your preferences and guitar. For my purposes, I like a 680pF cap with a 50K pot. It works well with humbuckers and 500K volume pots.

You can try also some well known values for the TBM, like the Kinman's way for Stratocaster guitar: 130k + 1,2nF (0,0012uF). Remember, that on my example the resistor is variable, so you can try 150k-200k pot here.

You can also experiment with many other values of parts. There's really a lot to discover. The mod can help you find your best balance between the volume level and treble in the guitar signal.