Thursday, January 20, 2011

Robert Fripp - The Guitar Tone Legend

Robert Fripp is one of the most unique guitarists. He's especially known as part of the King Crimson band, but in this post, I would like to write something about his solo career.

Fripp made a few great music projects. They always was unique, with awesome tone and playing style. Robert's music is something that you can't describe as mainstream, or typical, or common. You can't even say that this is rock, ambient, world, jazz or whatever. It's just Fripp.

He's well known from his solo performances, where he's using Frippertronics.

Let's listen to some Robert's music:

Fripp solo - Frippertronics demo

Sylvian and Fripp - Firepower

Fripp solo - Soundscapes

Robert Fripp String Quintet - Kan-Non Power

Fripp solo - Burning Down The Light


Another very interesting thing for me, are Robert Fripp's guitars. He is/was using Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Tokai Les Paul, and Crimson - the most interesting for me. (Maybe there was even more guitars - this is what I know)

Gibson Les Paul
The famous black 59 had/has three humbuckers and five knobs. Four standard and one extra.
The special extra knob was on the pickguard, quite close to hand, to control the volume of the middle pickup.

Crimson Guitars
These axes are very unique. Custom made, with uncommon electronics.

Fripp signature models have four pickups. Two of them are single-coil-size humuckers - a rails pickup and the Fernandes sustainer. They are fitted to the one humb-size cavity. These guitars have also a typical humbucker construction and a midi pickup on the bridge position. Everything is controlled by four knobs, four switches, and two buttons. Cool.

Crimson Guitars website
Crimson's Workshop Dairy - awesome stuff