Monday, January 17, 2011

Custom Guitar Paint Job

Today's post is not about guitar tone, but about guitar look.
There are some very good manufacturers on the market, who are making awesome paint job on their guitars. Let's look at some galleries of custom finishes:

They have a few guitar models with very unique look. My favourite example is the George Lynch's Kamikaze.

This company is making a lot of guitars with custom finish. Here are some galleries:

They are producing some cool instrument, called Alien Crossbones Theme Guitar. Take a look at it.

This Polish manufacturer made an awesome Chopin-tribute guitar – Reguis Nocturn.

This company also made some custom paint job, especially for Steve Vai on JEM guitars

They are making tons of guitars with awesome finishes. For example:

Everybody knows outstanding Zakk Wylde's guitars with the bullseye theme.
Flying V
Les Paul

Quite impressive things :)