Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magic of Simple, Single Pickup Guitars

Sometimes a simple electric guitar with one pickup is enough to get many cool tones. In this post, I would like to present some inormation and music videos about this kind of axes. It will be about simple, but quite iconic guitar constructions, used by famous guitarists.

Edward Van Halen

Home made Frankensteins or Frankenstrats, Charvels and Kramers are guitars, that Eddie was using frequently to reach many famus hard rock vibes and tones. This guitars were usually equipped with one humbucker, one vulume pot, and the Floyd Rose bridge. 

Edward van Halen - Cathedral - Kramer
Van Halen - Panama -  Kramer
Van Halen - The Full Bug - Frankenstein

George Harrison

George Harrison was an owner of many guitars. One of them was some cool, coustom-looking solid body axe, known by me from this song:

George Harrison and Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

Very cool tone in the guitar solo part.

Malcolm with some modified Gretsch
photo by Ac-dcfreak785
Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist of AC/DC is well known user of his signature Gretsch guitar. It's a simple, but really cool looking and (of course) sounding peace of wood. Very important part of many AC/DC songs.

Les Paul Junior guitars

Gibson's Les Paul Junior guitars are also very useful instruments. Simple, solid body with one P90 pickup can give you a good punch or some reach, clean tone.
Famous users: Billie Joe Armstrong, Keith Richards, Leslie West, Steve Marriott, Joan Jett.

Leslie West and Mountain – Missisipi Queen
Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day - We Are The Champions


Andreas Kisser from Sepultura with the Charvel guitar
photo by viradacultural2008
We shouldn't forget about many single pickup guitars designed especially for metal guitarist. High-output humbucker, one potentiometer, solid body and aggressive look are something typical for them. ESP and Charvel are well known manufacturers, who are making this kind of axes.

George Lynch - Mr. Scary
Max Cavalera and Soufly - Innerspirit 
Page Hamilton and Helmet - Exactly What You Wanted


From the other side, I can also say something about acoustic guitars. They can be electrified by using a sound-hole magnetic pickup - almost like a typical, electric guitar. It's also popular, simple configuration for geting nice tone. If I go further, I can say: a cigar box electric guitar!

This guy is really creative!