Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Custom Wiring for Explorer, Flying V, ML, Razorback

In this post I would like to present a custom wiring diagram, designed for electric guitars with high output pickups and three pots. Something right for many metal guitarists. It can be done, for example in: Gibson Explorer, Flying V; Dean ML, Razorback .

This guitar wiring will help you get more screaming and distinct tones.

Main parts: DPDT on-on toggle switch, 500K volume pot, 250K volume pot.

The diagram:

As you can see, there is no tone potentiometer. This is the cost of having few other options.
There are two volume pots: 500K and 250K. There is also the DPDT on-on toggle switch, which can be used to select one of these pots.

If you will choose the 500K, your guitar tone will be very distinct and screaming. It's similar way of connection to one-pot Charvel guitars.

If you will select the 250K, the tone will be warmer and smoother, in comparison to the previous option. It still will be quite distinct. By turning this volume pot a little bit down, you will reach even smoother tone. It's a good function if you will wont to get some calmer vibes in some moment.
The 500K pot can work similar, but you need more volume drop to get this smoothness. So I think, it's better for brighter sounds.

The wiring is basically designed for metal music related guitars. Of course, maybe someone will like it in some other axe.

All functions of this circuit works well with distortion effects. If you are looking for some more distinct, aggressive tone from your guitar, it can be fine for you.