Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cool Boss DS-1 Mods by YT Users

Boss DS-1 is a kind of constructions, where many parts can be changed, and many circuits can be modified. This is why there's so many modded „orange boxes” on the market.
Some mods are just making the pedal a little bit warmer, colder or boosting more middle frequencies. Some of them makes a new kind of guitar effect stomp-box from the stock DS-1. 

Here are some good demos from YouTube, which can show you, what MOD really means.

Mid Boost Mod

Stock pedal vs Keeley type mod

Overtone Labs vs Keeley vs stock Boss

Marshall JCM style mods

Minke Mod

Keeley vs Analogman

As you can hear, the well known guitar effect pedal can be changed to an quite unique distorted tone maker.