Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warm Sounding Telecaster - Wiring Mod

Warm, smooth sounding Telecaster guitar, this is my target in this post.
I would like to show you a simple mod of a wiring, which will make your Tele more jazzy and warm. If you like to play slow muddy blues or jazz with this awesome Fender guitar, it can be interesting for you. To make this wiring, you need only two extra parts: 270k and 15k resistors.

Diagram description:
The 270k resistor is connected with the first and the last lug of the volume potentiometer - it's a parallel circuit. With this connection, the pot will be working like with 130k ohms - not 250. It will make your wiring a little bit „warmer sounding”.
The 15k resistor is connected with the tone capacitor in the series circuit. This type of wiring will make your tone control a little bit more precise and smooth. It will not make your guitar sound too dull.
When the tone knob will be turned to 100% - it will be working like a typical tone control with a pot turned to 85-90%.
This kind of guitar wiring can be useful in creating very smooth jazz chords.