Friday, November 12, 2010

Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo from Queensrÿche - The Guitar Tone Legends

Another great guitar duo. Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo made an awsome job in the Queensrÿche band. I like Especially the Operation: Mindcrime album. In one song they can show you shredding, cool melodic lines, progressive riffs and many more.

Guitars in the Queensrÿche are always well matched with the awesome Geoff Tate's singing (other instruments also), what makes this band of few men sounding like an electric orchestra. The Queensrÿche is well known for their concept albums ideas - Operation: Mindcrime is a great example.
If you don't know the Queensrÿche and you are fan of progressive rock/metal, shredding, advanced melodic lines or concept album ideas, you really should check it out.

Here are some links to cool music videos from Operation: Mindcrime: