Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir - The Guitar Tone Legends

Jerry Garcia (1942 - 1995) and Bob Weir were the awesome guitar duo of the Grateful Dead band. The best thing, for me, that I can say about them, is that I don't know what they were exactly doing? Were they playing blues, jazz, folk, rock or what? They were doing just everything! Bob and Jerry were very flexible guitarists and they knew how to improvise.

Jerry Gracia was the lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead, so I remember him especially. He had very cool style of playing solos - very melodic and memorable.
You can still listen Bob Weir live  - he's got a band called the Rat Dog.

Live shows were what Grateful Dead was doing the best. Lets listen (links to YT):

BTW, cool guitars of Jerry Garcia were made by Doug Irwin. One of them is called - the Tiger. It has got an active wiring with an on-board buffer - similar to my constriction (probably). The Tiger has got also an on-board effects loop control (awesome!).
Here is a good article about this guitar and a wiring schematic: - very cool stuff for DIY maniacs.

Links: - Bob Weir's band - Grateful Dead - an interview with Doug Irwin - the guitar builder.