Monday, November 15, 2010

If Your Guitar Sounds Too Bright or Too Dark - Wiring Tips

If your electric guitar sounds too bright, or too warm and dark, I can give you a few simple tips. They are based on small modifications of the volume control circuit in a guitar wiring.

This diagram can help in tuning your guitar tone and choosing right parts:

The first way to go, is to solder a resistor with a right value to the first and the last lug of the volume pot. After this operation the pot will be working together with the resistor in the parallel circuit. Resistance of this path will be lower than before, so your guitar tone will be darker.

The second way to go, is to change the volume potentiometer. Higher value (resistance) of the pot means more treble in your guitar signal.

You can also mix together this two methods. For example: you have a guitar with the 250K volume pot. The tone is too warm and dark for you, so you are swapping the 250K pot with the 500K one. Now, guitar tone is too bright, you want something in the middle of these two wirings. All you need to do is to solder a resistor (like in the first way) with 1M ohm resistance. Now, it will be working like a ca 333K pot. - something between too bright 500K, and too dark 250K.

BTW, remember that the tone potentiometer value also has got a matter. The brightest wiring will be without a tone pot. Lower value of this pot also means less treble in the signal.