Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wiring for P90 Pickups (Soapbars, Dog Ears)

This guitar wiring is designed for use with P90 and similar, hot output single coil pickups. To my taste, it's especially good for crunch and hi-gain drive tones.

As you can see, there is only one potentiometer (500K volume) and some crazy tone switch with two resistors.

By using this switch you can connect one of resistors with the pot - in parallel configuration . If you will connect the 1M (1000k Ohm) resistor, the pot will start working as the ca 333K variable resistor (not 500K). If you will connect the 25k5 (25,5k Ohm) resistor, you will get the „fake” ca 24K pot. A lower pot value means less treble in the guitar signal and warmer – smoother sound.

The tone control is simple, but it can make very cool sounds, and gives you simple and fast tone shaping tools: one pickup switch, one volume potentiometer, and one tone switch.