Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wiring Diagram for Stratocaster - With a Warm-Bright-Warm Switch

Here comes the idea for a Stratocaster guitar wiring.
The biggest difference between my and the original Stratocaster wiring is in control over a tone warmth. My idea gives more options in this topic. The cost is in the one tone potentiometer, which was swapped for the 3-way, on-off-on DPDT switch.

The 3-way on-off-on switch has connected two resistors - 100k and 200k. By using this switch, you can connect one of them to the guitar volume potentiometer – in parallel configuration. After this operation, the volume pot will be working in the circuit not like a 250K variable resistor, but like a ca 111K – if you will connect the 200K resistor, or like a ca 71K – if the 100K resistor will be connected.

A lower value of the pot (as pot + resistor) = warmer tone, with less treble.

If the switch will be in the centre position, both resistors will be disconnected from the circuit, so the guitar tone will be quite bright.

The rest of the wiring is fairly typical. There is the standard, 5-way guitar pickup switch and 'volume + tone' control, which is working for all pickups. The tone capacitor value is not critical.