Monday, October 18, 2010

Wiring Diagram for Stratocaster - Quite Expanded

This is the wiring diagram for Stratocaster guitar, with my new idea for the tone control circuit. It has got also an interesting pickup switching system.
(Probably, your pickguard will need some drilling for it.)

Pickup selectors 

The pickup switching system has got three switches – one switch for one pickup. The neck and the middle pickup have DPDT on-off-on switches. The bridge pickup has got SPDT on-on type. This kind of selectors will allow you not only to switch guitar pickups on and off easily, but also to make a parallel or a series circuit from any two of them. It gives a lot of cool tones.

Volume pots

There are two volume pots. One is for the neck and the middle pickup, second is for the bridge one.

Tone control

The tone control circuit is quite unique. It is not connected to one of the volume pot lugs, but to the jack socket. This way of wiring will allow you to change the tone (treble muffling) not only by using the tone pot, but also by adjusting the volume ctrl. For example, if you will turn down a little the volume control knob, when the tone pot will be also turned a little bit, you will increase the frequency range of the treble cut-off. Your guitar tone will be much smoother.

Another thing that can make your tone control more influential, is the tone capacitor switch. You can use it to connect its capacitor to the tone control circuit. After this move, there will be two 0,022uF tone caps in the net – connected in the parallel circuit – and the tone control will be working with 0,044uF capacitance (0,022 cap A + 0,022 cap B).

This is a very useful wiring, if you like changing your guitar tone a lot, with good control over it.

This drawing shows how it can look like in practice: