Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Guitar for Modifications and Experiments

I was reading somewhere in the Internet an article about Fender Stratocaster made in Mexico, as a great guitar for making some mods and experimenting with many ways of wiring. It's true.
It's a good peace of wood for a good price, with three pickups, three pots and a plastic pick-guard, which is easy to drill in some next holes, for next elements.

From my side, I would like to recommend the Epiphone G-400, which is also good value for it's price. It can be a good choice for those of you, who like mahogany guitars. This axe has got two humbuckers and four pots (it's just a copy of Gibson SG). The in-body space for electronics is quite big, so it's possible to mount in some active electronics with battery, like on-board preamp or buffer.
This is the guitar that I'm using for playing with electronics. As a mahogany fan, I'm pretty happy with this stuff.